All-in-One Solution to Protect and Manage Retail Stores

A convenience store chain needed to manage and run their stores more efficiently. Its aim is to control cash register transactions, protect store inventory from being pilfered by shoplifters and develop an effective training scheme for new staff. Due to cash and product losses, management wanted to implement a POS in combination with a DVR to monitor cashiers and customers in the store premises. There is also a high turnover for cashiers, and the store wants to train newly hired staff by letting them watch DVD recordings when there aren’t many customers around.

The counter space is limited so there can’t be a monitor, keyboard and mouse for each device/equipment. The devices need to share the monitor of the POS system. Therefore, the CS74U 4-Port USB KVM Switch with audio is the right solution as it controls up to 4 devices using a single USB Keyboard, monitor and mouse.

The Solution

A four-port USB KVM Switch is a desktop control unit that allows users to access four computers from a single KVM console (keyboard and mouse, audio and VGA monitor). With this KVM switch, users can access computers conveniently using port selection pushbuttons located on the unit’s front panel.


Space and Cost Saving – KVM switch is compact and helps save space in a small counter. Only one set of monitor, keyboard, and mouse is required to control all devices, which helps save cost.

Efficiency – You can consolidate all devices in one area of the counter so that the manager doesn’t need to run around the store. He can monitor the cashier, inventory, and staff training in one place. This makes store management more efficient and organized.

Instant Switching – When the manager wants to monitor customers or observe the cashier during cash transactions, he can simply switch to the DVR device and check what is going on in the store, real-time.

Audio Enabled – The store management can train newly hired staff through DVD video recordings. The KVM switch is audio-enabled so when you switch to the DVD player, not only can you view the video, but you can also hear the audio.


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